Monday, May 30, 2011

A Mausoleum for Blind King John

After writing about the creation of a monument to Blind King John of Bohemia, I thought I understood the pomp and circumstance that had transferred his mortal remains from Mettlach to Kastel, across the Saar River from Serrig.  I wrote about it in my book.  Than, in 2004, I had a chance to take another look - a good look.  Now I understood why it took ten young men who alternated the carrying of a small box containing King John's bones from the Saar River to the magnificent mausoleum that had been built to house them.  The bluff was magnificent in autumn and much higher than I had imagined.  See for yourself.

The Klause rests high above the Saar River

The rock ledge near the Klause looking toward the small church at Taben Rodt 

A side view of the Klause Mausoleum

The windows are an architectural artwork

The sarcophagus without King John's bones, which are now in Luxembourg

Looking down from the Klause to the Saar and the village of Serrig

Steep vineyards below the Klause

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