Friday, June 10, 2011

Views of the Saarburg of Yesterday, pt. 1

Saarburg, a small thriving city today, is the equivalent of a county seat in America.  Its strategic location on the Saar River made it a bustling place, the heart of the Kreis or county, during the past thousand some years.  Many of its old buildings survived WWII; the atmosphere of long ago remains, even as Saarburg has made its way into the 21st century.

The ruins of the Alte Burg (Old Castle) from the 9th century.  It stands high above the Saar River

The scenic ruins close up

A view to the high Warsburg hill which towers over Saarburg and the Alte Burg

A hotel today, this was a part of a large tanning mill in Beurig on the east bank of the Saar and now a part of Saarburg 

An old doorway lintel, one of many that testify to the age of Saarburg
 Pictures by Kathy

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