Monday, March 21, 2011

Autumn along the Saar River

Driving from Oberzerf to Serrig on a lovely October day, we stopped to tramp along a path with an especially beautiful view of the Saar River.   It is said that the Crown Prince of Prussia visited the area and became a "Rhineland Romantic."  Perhaps he saw one of these views! 

An old path beside the modern highway

The beautiful Saar River on one side of the road; the rock embankment on the other

Autumn glimpses of the Saar

Seeing the river through wild seeds and berries

Golden Autumn along the Saar River

Wild Beauty

Bends in he Saar River near a quiet village

Friday, March 18, 2011

Early Spring in the Forests of the Saarland and Lothringen

Did the early immigrants from Kreis Saarburg look in vain for some of these wonderful signs of spring in Wisconsin which they knew so well  from their Heimatland?  And did they compare the amount of Wisconsin woodland they now owned to the forests of the old homeland, which belonged only to the Prussian Kaiser or the French Emperor?

wood anemone

A field of spring's very early flowers, snowdrops or Schnee Glöckchen 
Daphne Menzereum

Forest near the River Meuse in March