Thursday, April 14, 2011

When the Family Came in from Outside

There are still fields, woodlots, forests, wild flowers, herbs - all of which existed in earlier times but that we can see and photograph today.  But things man-made have changed.  The old dishes, furniture, cooking utensils, even the materials of the houses are clearly from our own century, and our cameras do us little good unless we visit open-air museums like Rosheiderhof near Konz or one of the small town museums.  Here we can step back to our ancestors' time to see things big and small that the 19th century family used every day.

Kitchen wall counter

On Cupboard Shelves

The Hall Between the House and the Stable

Slate Tile Hall

Multipurpose Room

Bedroom with Wash Pitcher

Upper Hallway Storage

Inside Plumbing in Earlier Times

Shared well

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