Monday, April 4, 2011

Practical Beauty Underfoot

Ernst from Trier spied a treasure when he was out walking in the woods near Trier, "I found this Maronenroehrlinge, (in English, bay boletus) which, together with some other mushrooms, became my delicious dinner later. Together with boletus edulis or "Steinpilz" in German, the bay boletus is one of the best edible mushrooms in the region. The yellow pores become dark blue when you touch them, so many people think they are toxic. But slowly fried in butter, salted and peppered, the bay boletus is delicious.  During times when a loaf of bread was a treasure, mushrooms were an important part of the daily menu. It was known which mushrooms were edible and where they grew; the knowledge was handed down from generation to generation. Some mushrooms were preserved, especially dried for use in winter or put in a vinegar marinade."


Stein Pilze

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