Saturday, April 23, 2011

Irsch - Almost As It Once Was

There are some old postcards that show Irsch in earlier times.  They are black and white and often a bit rumpled and time worn.  But from early and to late spring, color gradually becomes so vibrant that there is a need to show views from modern times.  Then one can let the imagination dissolve the village's modern expansion.  The old, central part of the village stands alone once more - to let us picture the hue of the spring days and nights of long ago.

Here and there a hint of green wakes in the village

Above the city, wild herbs and plants lurk, waiting to appear

Green brightens the old mill site
"In der Lay," seen on a sunny day, is one of Irsch's oldest sections

The trees again have leaves in May

The sky is always as it was in olden times

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