Friday, April 1, 2011


These pictures were taken toward the end of March in the hilly woods near Saarholzbach, Germany. Josiane who lives in Lorraine, the former German territory of Lothringen, is delighted by the spring rebirth, whether in France or in nearby Germany. The plants in Saarholzbach, she says, are exactly the same as in the Vosges of France, "same acidic soil." The River Saar that flows through Kreis Saarburg, comes from the Vosges too.

For the last photo in the group below, Josiane has a special feeling, "The small white flower is oxalis. I like it because my mother told me the name while we were walking once. It can be eaten; it tastes like sorrel."

Hiker's delight

Oxalis, the special memory


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