Monday, June 27, 2011

It's June Near the River Saar

Spring has given way to early summer in the fields and forests of the Alte Heimat.  The early flowers have gone into hiding until next year and their slower cousins - the poppies, the mullein - have sprung up to show off their bolder blooms.  Nature lovers, who choose to walk where nature changes something every day, would certainly agree with Jean-Jacque Rousseau, who said, 

"The wandering life is what I like 
to journey on foot, unhurried, in fine weather and in fine country 
and to have something pleasant to look forward to at my goal, 
that is of all ways of life the one that suits me best."

Photos by Josiane

The field of yellow rape has already turned color on its way to harvest

A small field maple has struggled up through the grasses with the intent of becoming a splendid tree

The first poppies wave whenever there is a breeze

Mullein's first buds have opened

Look carefully and find the strawberries

Blue chicory joins the forest palette

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