Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saarburg 2 - The Leukbach

The Saar River was the focus of the old city; a gift of God for the sailing families, the tanneries, and the barges with their goods coming to and sailing from Saarburg over the centuries.  But the "new city," built on the hill above the Saar, had its own gift of God - a flowing stream which was engineered to produce a waterfall and the power that came from it.  The Leukbach turned the magnificent waterwheel that milled the grain and sawed the logs needed for everyday life in the city and countryside.

The Leukbach waterfall tumbles from the upper city

The waterwheel still works today although the mill is now a museum
The water flowing and dropping from one height to another brings a special sound to the upper city

How old are these buildings?  They have been modernized but their bones seem to come from long ago

The "New" upper city has become a part of the 21st century, with lovely places to have an ice cream, a pizza, or a full meal - then wander back and forth across the little bridges for some shopping

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