Friday, June 24, 2011

My Ancestor's Path.

As I sat at an outdoor table in Saarburg's upper city, watching the quiet stream at my side, I also heard its noisy rush downward just a few meters away as it tumbled over the precipice and became a waterfall.  I imagined a time when the Leukbach had not shared the roar of its impressive descent with a babble of tourist voices.  I imagined my great-great grandmother Lena, a young and healthy woman, arriving from Irsch.  She crossed the river, ferried in a small boat (for no bridge was yet built) and once she reached the other side, she made her way to this place where I was sitting.   The warm sun shone down on her dark hair which was mostly covered by her bonnet.  She carried a handmade woven basket.  Often she turned her head to look from one side of the street to the other as she climbed the hill from the lower to the upper city, drinking in the sights of the largest city in the Kreis.  I think she might have seen something like this:

Crossing the Saar to Saarburg's lower city

From the shore of the Saar into an archway to the street called Staden

Beginning the climb up the hill to the upper city

The roar of the Leukbach waterfall 

Just a little way farther to climb to reach the upper city

Photos by Offshoot Kathy

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